Sarah is so amazing and talented! I get acupuncture treatments biweekly... I'm a strong believer in TCM and feel like the treatments are definitely helping with my lower back issue (bulging disc), and even anxiety and stress that I deal with occasionally. Sarah is not only highly skilled at her profession as an acupuncturist but she is very kind and compassionate. The clinic is clean, organized and makes every visit quite enjoyable and therapeutic.
Nikki G.
Santa Ana. CA
Harvest Health clinic has made such a difference in my life. Truly a Blessing, I recommend to anyone with the opportunity, interest, and need of healing.
Chad D.
Costa Mesa, CA
I was 6"0", 220 lbs with a 36" waist. I wanted to get back to my college weight of 185 lbs and tried all sorts of diets and exercises. Dr. Sarah Park's prescription HANYAK program for weight loss is the first program that actually worked for me. After 2 months, I lost 15 lbs & 3" from my waist. Whenever I feel hungry, the HANYAK packets that I drink makes my hunger pangs disappear for at least 3-4 hours. I'm not supposed to, but I eat whatever I want, but less, due to my decrease in appetite. I don't know if Dr. Park will condone what I'm saying, but it feels magical, and sort of like cheating the system. Every week, I have at least one person asking me how I'm losing weight so quickly and that I'm also looking younger and more energetic. I don't plan on staying on this program forever because it's pretty pricey, but whenever I need to quickly lose weight for the summer...it's the best thing ever.
Samuel K
Artesia, CA
Caring, knowledgeable, professional, experienced, and sincere are what doctors Sarah and Joe are. Going to see any healthcare professional is usually not what one would consider to be pleasurable but I genuinely enjoyed it. They put you at ease with a demeanor of sincere care and concern in a very relaxing environment. They incorporate the best of both traditional Oriental medicine and Western medicine to treat one's ailments. Btw, the acupuncture doesn't hurt at all for those who may be a little worried. As I enter my late forties, my body is starting to feel the age. Was always quite active and loved going to the gym but the cumulative effect of kids, aging parents, and work have really not allowed much, if any, time to regularly to go the gym as of late. Not wanting to be put on prescriptions upon prescriptions indefinitely in order to support the Western model of medicine and big pharma, my wife and I were referred to Harvest Health Clinic where doctors Sarah and Joe are. My wife and I have been seeking acupuncture and traditional Korean & Chinese medicine, part of the holistic approach, to treat and cure ailments and sickness. Most seem very surprised to experience effective treatments and cures to many things we are led to believe that only prescription medicine can treat. My wife and I, along with our families have experienced mixed success with other doctors at other clinics. I am borderline diabetic, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, have frequent acid reflux and am violently allergic to cats. I was told by my friend that referred me that he had all but the cat allergy and after 2-4 weeks there was a noticeable improvement in most areas. I I am looking forward to it!
Alex K.
Tustin, CA
I have been with Dr. Park for the last 4 years and she never lets me down. I always feel much better walking out of her office. She is very knowledgeable and caring with the best bedside manners. She is so gentle that my two young daughters receive treatments from her without complaining!
Cindy S.
Fullerton, CA
I have been seeing Dr. Sarah Park for foot and shoulder pain. She is fantastic! I have never had a healthcare provider spend so much time and be so caring and compassionate. I have had great results thanks to Dr. Sarah.
Michelle S
Santa Ana, CA
I just happened upon Harvest Health Clinic and I don't know what I would do without Dr. Sarah Park. She is wonderful, very proficient in her practice. She is very gentle and also lets you know what she is doing and why. I have recommended her to everyone I know who has headaches and back pain.
Carol A
Orange, CA
I've been treated at multiple acupuncturists, and I've never had such wonderful results. Dr. Sarah Parks is warm, friendly and professional. She is extremely knowledgeable about her practice and ensures you are completely comfortable during the process. The chiropractic services offered at Harvest Health Clinic are excellent as well.
Holly P.
Orange, CA
very gentle, best bedside manners and excellent services all the time. highly recommending!!!
Eden K.
Irvine, CA
I went to Dr. Park per my sisters recommendation. I've always had issues with my back and neck since I work behind the computer all day. The office was very nice and I was treated right away by Dr. Park. Since my sister also highly recommended Sarah for acupuncture, I decided to try her out as well. I've had acupuncture treatments many years ago, def Sarah was a lot more gentle than what I've experienced in the past! I will be going back next week for more!
Tania S
Irvine, CA
So now I'm 2 months into my treatments and the headaches are gone and my shoulder muscles are finally loose again! YAY! @ down 1 more to go! They have added massage therapy. I got the neck/shoulder/foot massage combo (they can make make it any way you would like). This is not the feel good massage that you can get at a spa. This is more like deep tissue, acupressure style. Love it! I believe you can come in just for the massage.
Nancy S.
Irvine, CA
ONE word "WOW!" I started to go to Joe and Sarah in April 2011 when I was sick with migraines, throwing up, and had pain all over my body. The doctors before Harvest Health told me that I had high blood pressure/cholesterol. The other doctors told me to take a pill and it didn't work. So I stopped by Harvest Health and within ONE week I was ALL better. From 173/110 blood pressure now I'm consistently at 135/90 and with a good cholesterol reading as well. I'm so thankful for their knowledge and help with my health. I definitely recommend Harvest Health!
Joe Y
Tustin, CA
I have had back issues for a while now and was referred to Dr. Joe Park and Sarah Park for Chiropractor and Acupuncture treatment. They are the BEST. Dr. Park is so knowledgeable and skilled and he thinks outside the box when it comes to your bones. He doesn't just do the same adjustment for everyone. He evaluates your body and custom treats you to your situation. He will be my chiropractor for life. I highly recommend Sarah also for the Acupuncture. She is very smart and knows what she is doing with those needles. She is so kind and thoughtful and always concerned if she is hurting you or not. I felt like I have struck gold with these two individuals. They are the cream of the crop when it comes to medical treatment. I highly, highly recommend them for Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments!!!!
Erin C.
Irvine, CA
i have gone to see chiropractors before and every time, they have looked at me, put me on the massage bed, then attached the electric thing on me, cracked my back and then sent me home. that's what i thought they did. just recently, i tweaked my neck and upper back and was referred to harvest health. i decided to give it a try and made my appointment. can i just say, OMG! this is the REAL DEAL! dr. joe uses massage therapy and hits the key muscles to get all the knots out. i kid you not, it's better than going to a spa and getting a massage!! I felt so much better after my first visit. i'm still am going for treatments but now have included acupuncture into my sessions. if you're like me and have never had acupuncture before, go see sarah! she's totally gentle and she will walk you through each step before she does it! she totally makes you feel comfortable...they both do! i've had three treatments so far and i can honestly tell you that it is working. i'm more flexible than before and my neck and back is getting back to being better than 100%! i highly, HIGHLY recommend harvest health! you won't be disappointed!!
Kimmy J.
I have always had severe migraines so I decided to try chiropractic care since nothing else seemed to help. I am truly amazed how much better I feel since I started seeing Dr. Joe Park and Dr. Sarah Park. They really care about the well-being of their patients and they take their time with you. The combination of the adjustments, massage therapy, and herbal medicines has completely made a difference in my overall health and most importantly, my migraines. I highly recommend Harvest Health Clinic!!!
Cheryl Y.
Foothill Ranch, CA
My wrist was hurting from using the mouse too much & my back was not doing so good either. I could hardly bend down. After treatments of acupunture from Dr. Sarah Park & chiropractic care on my back from Dr. Joe Park, I was pain-free. I'm totally happy and satisfied. They are so nice & really care about your health & getting you back on your feet. They treat you like one of the family. Their clinic is clean & very welcoming. I highly recommend coming here for treatment.
San Gabriel, CA